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The Saga of the
Barnhart Barista & Group Therapy


The Barnhart Barista & Group Therapy had a very inoccuous beginning.  Beginning in February of 1993, Crystal, Rhonda & Larry would all go to Evon's newly opened Perk & Bean's coffee shop on Friday morning's to enjoy Evon's addictive white chocolate half & half coffees.

Soon Susie, Tom, Adam, Terry, Tracy, Dan & Chuck began to come in and become a group of Friday morning regulars known as the Spam Gang. 

Evon once claimed she could get 32 slices out of a can of Spam, a product that Crystal claimed to have no knowledge of.  Spam became a focal point of many jokes & pranks. 

A number of others, who were not so regular began to join in the coffee group.  But alas, the Perk & Beans struggled, and we were all saddened when Evon told us she was closing up shop.  But she was selling her equipment to another customer who was going to give a coffee shop a go.

So we all started to gather at the Shadow box where we could still get our white chocolate latte fix and keep the Spam Gang together.  That lasted for a while, but the Shadow Box had to close it's doors as well.  We decided to move our Friday meetings to the Sycamore Emporium downtown.  It was there we added Tarin & Hope as regulars to the Spam Gang.

Then it closed too.  But the Virtual Grind had opened, and we moved there for what had by now become an unbreakable Friday morning ritual.  That was the shortest of all the coffee shop's lives.

Starbuck's had just opened in town, but as not to doom them with our Friday morning presence, Larry & Susie announced that they would take on the cursed group and allow the Friday morning gathering to take place at their house.

The inaugural meeting of the Barnhart Barista & Group Therapy was on Oct. 11th, 2002.  Larry was able to procure the secret white chocolate mixture that Evon had got everyone hooked on and  had not had since the closing of the Shadow Box. 

Present were Terry, Tracy, Tom, Adam, Tarin, Jon, Hope, Chuck, Susie & Larry.  Terry took the minutes of the meeting, Susie typed them up, and the rest is history.

Today the Barnhart Barista & Group Therapy boasts of over 30 regulars & semi-regulars who take part in the Friday morning ritual of gathering over coffee and enjoying the company of some of the best friends on earth.